@FGCU_MBB Third Round Practice Day Press Conference
Saturday, March 23, 2013 | by Patrick Pierson (@Pierson_SID)


Q. Between the end of last night and right now, what has it been like? What is the strangest thing you've heard, a person, and how do you keep your focus with all that?

SHERWOOD BROWN: Well, I mean, it's been very exciting for what we've done for the program, and we appreciate the support that we've been getting from everyone, even people from all the way up here have told us that they're on our side and they're rooting for us. But the way we keep our focus on is just that we know that we got a big win last night, but we're not satisfying with just winning last night. We want to do bigger things here, so we're just going to keep being motivated.

EDDIE MURRAY: Yeah, kind of piggy backing off what Sherwood said, everyone back home, friends and family have been texting me and I've been getting things on Facebook. Fort Myers is kind of rocking and rolling right now. They're really excited. This is a big thing for the city and I'm glad we could deliver this. As far as going forward, this morning it was a different feeling. We're starting to get focused again and getting ready for San Diego State.

BRETT COMER: You know, we saw a lot of it on social media, a lot of Twitter from celebrities, people back home, everywhere. It's been exciting. But we woke up this morning and we have to prepare for San Diego State, come out and try to get another win.

Q. I was wondering if each of you guys could just talk briefly about your recruitment coming out of high school, did you have any high major offers, what kind of offers did you have, and Sherwood, I know you walked on. Can you talk a little bit about that, and did you ever think you'd be here now after walking on?

SHERWOOD BROWN: I wasn't highly recruited out of high school, but I knew that I could play amongst some of the best people in the nation. I just had that type of confidence.

And I mean, as far as being here today at this spot that I am, I never really imagined that we'd be here where we are today. But when we brought in our new coach and when Brett and Bernard and a lot of other players came in, I knew that we had a chance to do something special. I knew that we would have a really good team, and I knew that anything could happen.

EDDIE MURRAY: Yeah, for me personally I wasn't recruited by any high majors or anything. A lot of A Sun schools along the Florida Gulf Coast obviously. I was more of a baseball player growing up and picked up basketball in high school, so I was a raw talent, just athletic and slowly developing my game.

BRETT COMER: I was put on the big stage with a guy like Austin Rivers, and I signed my letter of intent to FAU, and then later in the spring, middle of my senior year, I asked for my release actually, so I got my release from FAU, and shortly after that Enfield got the job here, and there's no way I could turn him down, so that's why I'm here.