Richter Begins Coaches Diary Series With College Chalktalk
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“There is a beach on campus. A beach! On campus!” That is the first thing I told my wife when I took the job at Florida Gulf Coast University. I talked about the beach for the first month and a half; I sent pictures of it and bragged to other people about it. How many campuses have their own beach?

Do you want to know what my wife asked me? “But, what about the basketball team?”

There is someone with her priorities straight. She’s always asking the right questions. I have that with the people around – people who are always asking the right questions, thinking two steps ahead and planning for the next day. That’s what we are doing now, planning, thinking, preparing.

As a new basketball staff, you have the challenge of taking someone else’s team and making it your own, reshaping it with new recruits and team management practices that allows for forward progression. At FGCU, we were lucky to have young men who were ready and had the desire to get better.